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Vintage Blouse, DIY Bow (piece of fabric), Forever21 floral skirt, 
Favorite wedges designed by Blogger Sea of Shoes 

So remember in my last post, I mentioned my yearning for more street art in Los Angeles?
Well my wish got granted! 
The notorious British vagabond, Banksy, did a piece right in the heart of Westwood Village. I love his dark humor and satirical artwork.
I live within walking distance from the alley but when I finally had the chance to go see it, it was unfortunately vandalized. 

It was cleaned up as well as it could but the stain around the piece was still noticeable. 
It's tragic that street art can't be preserved but that's the beauty of graffiti. It's raw and temporary and of course, street artists create it knowing that their artwork will be disposed.
I am just grateful Banksy was able to share his beauty with students living so close to his piece in Westwood Village.

More of his pieces popped up a few days ago so I'm hoping to get a shot of those within the next few days <3


  1. You have such great style! I'm following you now :)

  2. I LOVED your style!
    I have a brand new blog too!

    What do you thing about following each other?

    Kisses from Brasil

  3. Hey girl, its Tiffany! So great to meet you the other day at the Banksy piece. Contact me at fashionedibles@gmail.com for collaboration shoots :)

  4. I love these photos. Amazing :3
    Anyway, Saw you on soompi! <3 Comment me if you want to be blog friends! ^^

  5. Beautiful skirt. Im following you ... :)

  6. LOVE your wedges!
    perfect !


  7. beautiful look!

  8. I love Banksy, great pictures :D

  9. The blouse and bow combo is amazing, I dig your style!

    cheers from your newest follower,
    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  10. lovely look :)
    would love to hear your singing too!
    well i just released my first single debuted in February so I'll see how everything goes from now on.
    thanks for stopping by!