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But if I don't come back then I won't look behind me

This photo was sort of an accident. We spilled soda on the clothes and were drying them on the ledge but realized how pretty the colors looked. I hopped up there and got this shot.

This was for a mini vintage shoot I did a while back. I sort of have an obsession with headbands.
Vintage > Labels

I've been so busy lately I just want to lay in the grass and tune the world out.
It's also been hitting me that I'm getting closer to the age where I need to start acting like an adult and I need to figure out what I'm going to do with myself!
You start speculating and daydreaming and digressing and start to wonder if you'll make the right choices.
Then you feel so lost you just want to lay in the grass and tune the world out again.


  1. VERY beautiful photography. The last picture is just sublime. Glad I stumbed across your blog!!!


  2. ur pics are so great!

    lovely and inspirin' blog:)

    kiss dear!

  3. beautiful dres! you have such a lovely blog! x

  4. I love these pictures !
    They're so beautiful, they give me a summerfeeling (:

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like (: !

  5. Loved your look, this beautiful!
    I'm following your blog.