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La Lune

Urban Outfitters top, Lucy Paris shearling, Free People velvet bell bottoms via Crossroads
One of those places where words and photos can't do justice. Went down to visit the sea of gypsum sands and it was a surreal experience. The ripples are created by the direction of the wind and the dreamy environment felt as if I was on another planet.
I kept my look Fall boho and wore a shearling over a celestial top and velvet bell bottoms I thrifted from Crossroads.


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  1. augh so gorgeous! I wanna go there!! you look beautiful girl <3

  2. These photos are phenomenal! Thought it was snow at first but gypsum sand! That's so cool! The dune-sized ripples look so amazing <3 <3


  3. Such a cute look, these photos are incredible!

    T x

  4. Wow, the scenery is amazing! Would love to go there.



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