Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Lost City

Don't let the breathtaking reflective sunset on the sea fool you. The sea is actually covered with fish bones scattered like confetti with the smell of dead fish welcoming you.
I wore a dress too pretty to an apocalyptic beach town. I love that the sheer lace hems give off an ethereal vibe and that it's lavender, a color I'm always drawn to but lacks serious presence in my closet. 
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Through the Looking Glass

QTee California top, Vintage jacket from Crossroads, Forever 21 hat )

Found what could be used to take the perfect OOTD selfie in the middle of the desert. Such a perfect blogger's trap.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Tobi Spellbound Crop Top, Forever 21 floral velveteen skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Scully

I love how pom pom details can make a simple piece whimsical and unique. This top is probably one of my favorites right now because it's so fun to wear. I stacked pastel cotton candy shades for a soft feminine look.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably know I hosted a blogger closet sale a few days ago at Space 15 Twenty. Thanks to all those who came out! It was a huge turnout. If you couldn't make it this time, we'll definitely be having more in the future!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Summer in Fall

Tobi Twirl About Romper, Forever 21 Hat, Thrifted Denim Jacket

This is what October in LA looks like. Never thought I'd be hoping for sweater weather but I'm counting down the days I can swap out my florals for bundles of wool. I can't complain though. I'll always love having coffee breaks in outdoor patios.
This week has been super crazy because of the holiday crunch and I've been running on caffeine! Hope you all have a fun weekend!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bang Bang

Urban Outfitters top, Topshop skirt, Thrifted shoes via Crossroads, eBay choker, 
Amber Pop Backpack c/o Culture Riot

For the first time in my life, I got bangs! I almost don't recognize myself and kind of amazed that such a tiny cut made a drastic change. At the same time, it feels liberating.
Wearing an outfit with 90s schoolgirl vibes. When I wear mainly neutral tones, I try to incorporate a lot of different textures to make the outfit a bit more dynamic. I've been leaning towards backpacks more than purses lately. It's nice to have your arms feeling unrestrained and I can fit so much more into backpacks during those long days where I'm running around all day.
P.S. If you have tips on how to style bangs, please share! I didn't realize they were so high maintenance :)
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dark Paradise

child of wild, for love and lemons, for love and lemons chi chi kimono, jeffrey campbell scully, rock a hoola

jeffrey campbell scully, rock a hoola water park,
For Love & Lemons Chi Chi Kimono, Child of Wild Choker, Jeffrey Campbell Scully

Wandering around what was once a flourishing amusement park is now merely vandalized and full of eerie vibes. Wearing a kimono jacket from For Love & Lemons that drapes and flows in all the right ways synchronizing with your movements. More pieces like this piece please.
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