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Summer in Fall

Tobi Twirl About Romper, Forever 21 Hat, Thrifted Denim Jacket

This is what October in LA looks like. Never thought I'd be hoping for sweater weather but I'm counting down the days I can swap out my florals for bundles of wool. I can't complain though. I'll always love having coffee breaks in outdoor patios.
This week has been super crazy because of the holiday crunch and I've been running on caffeine! Hope you all have a fun weekend!
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  1. Love the look and pics :) pretty!


  2. This first snap looks like it should be in a lookbook somewhere! Beautiful.

    Tara x

  3. Ooh in Germany autumn looks so different -
    I wish I could swap my rain coat with such a lovely outfit
    like the one you're wearing here. :)


  4. such cute look dear!


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