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Warm to the Core with HEATTECH

It's finally cooling down in LA and gasp, it's even getting down to the 50s. For me this means crying about how cold it is and trying to find ways to brave for the chill while still looking stylish. I’ve partnered with Uniqlo's HEATTECH line to show you how to layer for winter without the bulk.

Extra Warm Turtleneck T-shirt, Berkshire tights, F21 beret 
Uniqlo’s HEATTECH pieces are great to wear simply as a base piece, which is what I’m doing or if you are traveling somewhere super cold like Iceland it’s thin enough so that you can layer it. It’s seriously SO soft and stretchy that I want to wear it to bed. Besides the stylish functionalities, I’m pretty impressed with the technology behind it. The HEATTECH line’s main objective is to keep you warm to the core so it traps all the heat generated with your body. The special fibers absorb moisture produced by your body and convert it to heat so you can do your morning workout in the cold and not have to worry about freezing to death. The HEATTECH pieces that I’m wearing have 1.5x heat retention functionality.
I love that it’s so versatile and it’s one of those must have basics that’ll last forever. The prices are also really great and they’re all under $20! I’m excited to take these with me on my travels because I couldn’t handle the European winters on my last trip. I'll also probably take these with my when I go snowboarding.
What I thought was the coolest about this line is that the fibers are woven with argan oil so it’ll be soft and gentle on the skin. I didn’t even know this was possible but I can’t get over how soft they feel! Any piece of clothing that combines beauty and technology gets a major plus from me!
This post was sponsored by Uniqlo but all opinions are my own.