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Photos by Jordan Zobrist

Vintage dress via Crossroads, Jeffrey Campbell Mulder, The 2 Bandits cuffs, Vintage belt

Couldn't have asked for better natural lighting to go with this vintage translucent piece. I don't usually do indoor shoots but I lucked out with an incredible loft and photographer, Jordan. Went for soft 70s Parisian vibes with boho accents. Accessorized with The 2 Bandits who I've been following for a while because I'm pretty much obsessed with all of their dreamy Southwestern pieces. 

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  1. That dress is beautiful and so are these snaps! That first pic though... ♥

    Tara xx

  2. gorgeous pics and dress! you look stunning <3


  3. Beautiful shots, I especially love the one with your hair having a life of its own, fighting gravity. And, your turquoise jewelry, of course - how can I not! Such a pretty way to accent an ethereal-looking frock, love it =D

    PS: Your lovely self is featured in my post here: ;)

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW